die frau die sich traut

marc rensing’s „die frau, die sich traut“ in german cinemas...
beate (steffi kühnert ) is 50 years old. her life is full of work in an industrial laundry. but she’s also very devoted to her - actually already adult - children. whether taking care of the granddaughter after school - the daughter is in the middle of a university exam - or the total supply of her son together with his pregnant girlfriend, who live with her in the house, beate takes care of everything. she cares also a lot for her best friend henni (jenny schily) who’s always indulging herself in an exciting love life.
A disturbing medical diagnosis leads beate to deal with her own life, and also to the idea of realizing her childhood dream: once swim across the english channel... not unrealistic for a former competitive athlete who had to give up her hope for an olympic medal for the birth of her daughter. with great energy and all the time available beate begins her hard training. but there are still her children who are to cope alone with the everyday life and who are wondering what’s happening. against the resistance of her children, but together with her friend henni, beate does - just for once in her life time - something just for herself and embarks on her journey by the sea from Dover to Calais.

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thanks to marc and all of the sound team!

the „die frau die such traut“ sound postproduction crew:
postproduction supervisor: andré fetzer
project coordination sound arri: katharina von consbruch
adr mixer: sebastian türk, gunnar schlafmann
adr editor: helene seidl
foley artist: carsten richter
foley mixer: marcus sujata
foley editor: helene seidl
sound design: clemens becker, andré zacher
re-recording assistant: roman volkholz
re-recording: michael riedmiller, andré zacher

adr studio: FFS film- & fernsehsynchron gmbh
foley stage: tonstudio hanse warns
mixing stage: arri film & tv services berlin


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