heart of stone

shooting of johannes naber's new feature film just finished...
shooting "heart of stone" (das kalte herz), a screen adaptation of the famous german fairy tale by wilhelm hauff with director johannes naber was just finished after 9 challenging weeks in the autumn black forest and studio babelsberg.

peter munk, a poor charcoal burner, lives with his parents in the black forest. poverty prevents him from being together with lisbeth, the girl he loves. when he comes across the little glass man, the good spirit of the forest, the young man asks him for assistance. his wish is granted and he becomes rich. but the fool soon loses all his money after gambling at the pub. in desperation, he asks holländer michael, the evil spirit of the forest, to help him to become rich again. the mean devil agrees and gives peter all the riches in the world, but on one condition: the young man will exchange his heart for a cold stone.

the production sound for "heart of stone" was entirely recorded with schoeps microphones (CMIT5U, SuperCMIT2U, MK41 and CCM41), no wireless body mics in this production!

a schmidtz katze filmkollektiv production

cast: frederick lau, henriette confurius, moritz bleibtreu, david schütter

producer: steffen reuter
production manager: dorissa berninger
director: johannes naber
dop: pascal schmit
sound mixer: andré zacher
boom operators: marcus neuberger & niclas rosendahl

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