age of cannibals

news-aak_Compressed_IMG_03676 weeks of feature film shooting just finished... the entire film recorded exclusively with boom microphones!

johannes naber’s second feature film was shot completely in a studio location close to cologne, west germany.
it tells the story about a team of three high profile business consultants touring the globe. their arenas are the most polluted industrial cities of the world, but they themselves do not get their hands dirty. They do not leave their air-conditioned hotel room world. They are highly reflective alpha animals. The word is their weapon, cynicism is their shield. They are among the best and have achieved almost everything - but the latest career move is still pending: being partner in their own company, because stagnation means failure, "up or out" is the principle. The best friend is the worst competitor.

the production sound was entirely recorded with up to 3 schoeps mk41 boom microphones, no wireless body mics in this production!

a studio tv film production

cast: devid striesow, katharina schüttler, sebastian blomberg

producer: milena maitz
production manager: dorissa berninger
director: johannes naber
dop: pascal schmit
sound mixer: andré zacher
boom operators: benjamin simon & johannes scheeren

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