shooting the final footage for michael hammon’s documentary „GOLD“ during the paralympic games from august 29th - september 9th, 2012 in london…
„GOLD“ is a film that will tell the story of three athletes: inspiring people who have steered their lives from tragedy to triumph:

the german swimmer kirsten bruhn, the australian wheelchair racer kurt fearnley, and the kenyan long-distance runner henry wanyoike.

„GOLD“ will give people an insight of a world which, in the worst case, they are afraid of, and their curiosity about which they normally suppress because they have been taught to feel awkward about it. By touching viewers emotionally, these supposed fears are overcome. We meet people who impress us by demonstrating through their lives just what can be achieved.
that is what makes „GOLD“ more than just a documentary about exceptional athletes. its message is: every one of us can, if we have to, do more than we think we can.

check out the „GOLD“
facebook site and the trailers on youtube!

the sound for the shooting in london will be entirely recorded in surround: with SCHOEPS double MS booms and the new SCHOEPS ORTF surround setup for sports venue 4.0-surround-recordings. check out more info on the setup here.

the „GOLD“ shooting team in london:
andreas schneider & hendrik flügge: executive producers
tina mersmann: line producer
sabina doerr: production manager
marit bechtloff: production assistant
michael hammon: director
marcus winterbauer: dop
dominik roge, thomas schneider, johannes wissmann: additional cameras
florian bellack: dit
andré zacher & timo selengia: production sound mixer
olaf ballnus: photographer

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