mythos himalaya

shooting the pakistan episode for andreas nickel’s documentary series „mythos himalaya“ with reinhold messner…
„mythos himalaya“ will be a series of three episodes, showing the incredible mountains and the people that live in these areas through the eyes of reinhold messner.

we’re shooting the pakistan episode, featuring all three base camps (rural, diamir and rhakiot side) at nanga parbat (8132m), where reinhold lost his brother guenther in 1970.

find more information on reinhold on his
website !

the „mythos himalaya“ shooting team in pakistan:
producer & director: andreas nickel
production manager: ewerhard engels
director of photography: kolja brandt
camera assistant: dietmar raiff
2nd unit camera: andreas gradl
cineflex operator: roman müllegger
sound: andré zacher
travel organisation: liver & fida khan

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