„freistatt“ in german cinemas…
marc brummund’s feature film s being screened in german cinemas from now!
summer 1968. the wind of change blows in the northern german towns at most as a breeze. the young 14-year-old wolfgang is used to revolt against his parents, and especially against his stepfather. When he is deported from his family to a secluded church welfare Institution sanctuary, he finds himself in a world which he can only fight with even more rebellion: locked doors, barred windows, military drill, daily work assignments in the swamps around the place. but one thing is clear to wolfgang: his desire for freedom, he won't give up.

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the „freistatt“ sound postproduction team:
postproduction supervisor: christian vennefrohne

dialogue supervisor and adr editor: alexander buck
foley artist: max bauer
foley mixer: normann büttner
foley editor: laura plock
sound design: clemens becker, andré zacher
re-recording: florian beck, andré zacher

adr studios: fonojet berlin, LOFT hamburg & berlin, die basis berlin
foley stage: meloton sound effects munich
mixing stage: die basis berlin

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