finn und der weg zum himmel

6 weeks of feature film shooting just finished... the entire film recorded digitally with schoeps superCMIT!
steffen weinert’s film was shot on location in southern germany, in the black forest in august & september 2011.

finn is a young man with the IQ of a nine-year-old and he lives in a village in the southern black forest. after the death of his father, the most important person in his life has gone. of course he also loves his mum, but there’s no one that could understand him better than his dad. now, finn has to learn to become independent. He faces up to this task, but pursues one main goal: as soon as possible he wants to join his father in heaven.

the production sound was entirely recorded with the digital microphone
schoeps superCMIT.

a funkfilme production

producer: alexander funk
production manager: andré fetzer
director: steffen weinert
dop: ulle hadding
sound mixer: andré zacher
boom operator: benjamin simon

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