volker schlöndorff’s „diplomacy“ now in german cinemas...
based on the theater play by cyril gély, in „diplomacy“ volker schlöndorff has created a psychologically elaborate battle of words between two highly contrasting character, played by the hilarious actors andré dussollier and niels arestrup.
in 1944 hitler gives the order that paris should not fall into enemy hands, or if it does, then ‘only as a field of rubble’. the person assigned to carry out this brutal act is the wehrmacht commander general dietrich von choltitz, who already has mines planted on the eiffel tower, in the louvre and the notre dame and on most of the bridges of the city. nothing should be left as a reminder of the paris’ former glory. however, at dawn on 25 August of 1944, the swedish consul general raoul nordling steals into german headquarters through a secret underground tunnel and tries to persuade the german general to abandon his plan.

find the trailer and more information on the film on the german website !

thanks to volker and to all of the sound postproduction team!

the „diplomacy“ sound postproduction crew:
postproduction supervisor: célia simonnet
dialogue editor: katia boutin
assistant dialogue editor: hélène thabouret
adr editor: malou buffagni
foley mixer: didier lesage
sound design: benjamin hörbe, andré zacher
re-recording technician: raphaël devillers
re-recording mixer: olivier dôhùu


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