sound postproduction for „freistatt“ in progress...
the sound design for director marc brummund’s feature film „freistatt“ is completed and we just began with re-recording.

in 1968 the 14-year-old rebellious wolfgang is put in a correction residential home by his parents, where he is to be "educated" to be a decent boy. wolfgang offers resistance against the inhuman working conditions and the perfidious methods of education of the freistatt people. but how long are the children be able to fight back against this system of violence and oppression without brutalize themselves?
„freistatt“ is a film based on a true story about the relentless struggle of a boy to the last vestiges of humanity and dignity in a repressive social system.
the screenplay was given the german screenplay award in 2013.

thanks to marc and all of the sound team so far!

the „freistatt“ sound postproduction crew:
postproduction supervisor: christian vennefrohne

dialogue supervisor and adr editor: alexander buck
foley artist: max bauer
foley mixer: normann büttner
foley editor: laura plock
sound design: clemens becker, andré zacher
re-recording: florian beck, andré zacher

adr studios: fonojet berlin, LOFT hamburg & berlin, die basis berlin
foley stage: meloton sound effects munich
mixing stage: die basis berlin

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