the bloom of yesterday

„the bloom of yesterday“ in german cinemas…
the new feature film by director chris kraus being screened in german cinemas now!

A romantic comedy on the edge: in the middle of a deep life crisis, the Holocaust researcher Toto is assigned an assistant for the congress preparation - Zazie, of Jewish origin and with pronounced Teuto-phobia. The star guest of the congress, a famous actress, suddenly withdraws the promise and between Totos and Zazie's biographies bizarre connections emerge.

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website and watch the trailer !

a four minutes / DOR film production
cast: lars eidinger, adèle haenel, hannah herzsprung, jan josef liefers

sound mixer: andré zacher
boom operator: christian moritz
2nd boom operators: stefan salm, martin schoditsch & martins rozentals

"the bloom of yesterday" was recorded with schoeps microphones on location.

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