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the new films of volker schlöndorff, wim wenders, johannes naber and friederike jehn will be screened at the 64th berlinale international film festival 2014…
from february 06th until 16th take the chance and watch these four films:

feature film by volker schlöndorff, sound design by benjamin hörbe and andré zacher
„age of cannibals“
feature film by johannes naber, production sound and sound supervising by andré zacher
„cathedrals of culture“
3D project by wim wenders, production sound by andré zacher
„summer outside“
feature film by friederike jehn, sound design & re-recording by andré zacher

based on the theater play by cyril gély, in „diplomacy“ volker schlöndorff has created a psychologically elaborate battle of words between two highly contrasting character, played by the hilarious actors andré dussollier and niels arestrup.
in 1944 hitler gives the order that paris should not fall into enemy hands, or if it does, then ‘only as a field of rubble’. the person assigned to carry out this brutal act is the wehrmacht commander general dietrich von choltitz, who already has mines planted on the eiffel tower, in the louvre and the notre dame and on most of the bridges of the city. nothing should be left as a reminder of the paris’ former glory. however, at dawn on 25 August of 1944, the swedish consul general raoul nordling steals into german headquarters through a secret underground tunnel and tries to persuade the german general to abandon his plan.
sound design by benjamin hörbe and andré zacher
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website !

“age of cannibals“
whether china, india or nigeria - for the corporate consultants oellers and niederländer (great acting: devid striesow and sebastian blomberg) there is only one thing in the world: business profit. for years they’ve been touring the world’s dirtiest countries seeking to satisfy their clients’ hunger for profit. reality exists merely as a dusty silhouette behind the windows of their air-conditioned luxury hotel rooms. their goal seems to be within their grasp: to ascend to their company's top echelon and finally be made partners. both are well aware that, according to their firm's unwritten rules in the hierarchy, they’ll need to secure their final promotion by their mid-thirties or else they’ll be sidelined: ‘up or out’. But then their old rival hellinger is given the sought-after promotion and they find themselves forced to come to terms with his successor, the ambitious young bianca (katharina schüttler). they begin to lose control: globalization strikes back.
production sound and sound supervising by andré zacher
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website !

„cathedrals of culture“
A 3D film project from six acclaimed filmmakers: wim wenders, robert redford, michael madsen, michael glawogger, margreth olin and karim ainoz.
the film is about the soul of buildings allows six iconic and very different buildings to speak for themselves, examining human life from the unblinking perspective of a manmade structure. Each director brings his own visual style and artistic approach to the project. Buildings, they show us, are material manifestations of human thought and action. „cathedrals of culture“ explores how each of these landmarks – a concert hall, a library, a research institute, a prison, a cultural center and an opera house – reflects our culture and guards our collective memory. (source: neue road movies).
production sound by andré zacher (wim wenders episode)
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find more information on the film on the neue road movies
website !

“summer outside“
an emotional family drama, a tribute to childhood.
The 14-year-old Wanda moved with her family from Germany to Switzerland. Here everything will be better. The big house with the overgrown garden, the idyllic and beautiful city - all this seems for the three children as a great promise. But the new beginning is difficult. The wish for an intact family and the desperate efforts to make everything better make old injuries come back again. Wanda wants her family back like it was years ago.
An eventful summer, and at its end everybody comes to the bottom of his desire.
sound design by helene seidl and andré zacher
re-recording by ansgar frerich and andré zacher
berlinale info & screening dates
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