mythos himalaya


shooting the india episode for andreas nickel’s documentary series „mythos himalaya“ with reinhold messner…
„mythos himalaya“ will be a series of three episodes, showing the incredible mountains and the people that live in these areas through the eyes of reinhold messner.

we’re shooting the india episode now, featuring the three regions sikkim (with the third highest mountain of the world: kangchendzonga, 8586m), uttarakhand with the beautiful mountain nanda devi and finally ladakh with its vast white mountain ranges.

find more information on reinhold on his
website !

the „mythos himalaya“ shooting team in india:
producer & director: andreas nickel
production manager: ewerhard engels
director of photography: ralf noack
camera assistant: philip jestaedt
2nd unit camera: atul jain
cineflex operator: irmin kerck
sound: andré zacher
travel organisation: akshay kumar, mercury himalayan explorations

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