in the darkroom

sound postproduction for „in the darkroom“ in progress...
nadav schirman’s documentary tells the story about the international terrorist of the 70s and the 80s carlos the jackal - real name: illich ramirez sanchez - through the eyes of his wife magdalena kopp and her daughter rosa.
the film was shot on 16mm and HD on location in germany, israel, palestine, hungary and france.

the location sound was entirely recorded in 5.1 (double MS) by andré zacher.
theatrical main mix will be due in september 2012.

producers, karl baumgartner (pandora film) & eylon ratzkovsky
co-producer, pauli pentti
production manager, stephan limbach
director, nadav schirman
cinematography, tuomo hutri
editing, joelle alexis
music, lasse enersen
postproduction supervising, jochen felthaus

sound postproduction team:
dialogue editing & sounddesign, andré zacher
foley artist, carsten richter
foley mixer, marcus sujata
foley editor, helene seidl
re-recording mixer, stefan korte

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