summer outside

„summer outside“ now in german cinemas...

“summer outside“ is an emotional family drama, a tribute to childhood.
the 14-year-old wanda moved with her family from germany to switzerland. here everything will be better. the big house with the overgrown garden, the idyllic and beautiful city - all this seems for the three children as a great promise. but the new beginning is difficult. the wish for an intact family and the desperate efforts to make everything better make old injuries come back again. wanda wants her family back like it was years ago.
An eventful summer, and at its end everybody comes to the bottom of his desire.

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filming began in late summer 2011, sound post production was done in 2012.
the film stars nicolette krebitz, wolfram koch, maria dragus (german film award 2010) and other prominent actors.

thanks again to the sound postproduction team:

dialogue editor: alexander buck (bvft)
adr mixer: gregor arnold (bvft), manu gerber, daniel weis
adr supervisor & editor: felix andriessens (bvft)
foley artist: jörg klinkenberg (bvft)
foley mixer: christoph oertel (bvft)
foley editor: helene seidl (bvft), kuen-il song (bvft)
sound design: helene seidl (bvft), andré zacher (bvft)
re-recording: ansgar frerich (bvft), andré zacher (bvft)
dolby consultant: christian lerch

adr studios: die basis berlin, hastings audio network switzerland, media factory berlin gmbh
foley stage: tonstudio hanse warns
mixing stage: die basis berlin

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