sound design for the new feature film by volker schlöndorff…
the salvation of Paris - volker schlöndorff's new historical drama „diplomacy"

the destruction of paris seems almost certain on August 24th of the year 1944: the eiffel tower is mined, the notre dame, the louvre, the sacre coeur, the bridges over the seine… adolf hitler gave the order: "Paris won’t fall into the hands of the enemies“. fortunately, after all it didn’t happen something. maybe that’s why this incident is a not very known chapter of franco-german history.

But in his new historical drama " diplomacy" volker schlöndorff is telling about that important night. based on the theater piece „diplomacy“ by cyril gely he showes the psychological duel between the two protagonists during that historical event: the german general dietrich von choltitz and the swedish consul general of paris raoul nordling.

down to the present day, it is not clear why choltitz resisted hitler's orders to destroy paris. has nordling actually converted him morally? or was it simply tactical reasons why the german general capitulated?

watch a german „arte tv“ interview with director volker schlöndorff during the shooting period in summer 2013

In August 2014 -70 years after the historical event- the film will be in the theaters!

the sound post production team:
célia simonnet, post production supervisor
virginie bruant, editor
laurent pelé-piovani, editorial assistant
katia boutin, dialogue editor
benjamin hörbe, sound designer
andré zacher, sound designer
olivier do huu, re-recording mixer

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