shqiptari - the albanian

beginning of the sound postproduction of johannes naber’s „shiptari - the albanian“...
germany, from the point of view of a young illegal albanian immigrant: johannes naber’s first feature film tells about arben shehu and his search for a future which is in danger to fail. both, in his own country just like away from home.
„shqiptari“ was shot in albania and berlin/germany between september and december 2009. andré zacher & patrick veigel took care of the production sound recording.

The main characters in this story between two worlds are played by kreshnik xhelilaj, amos zaharia, shejlane terbunja and stipe erceg. „shqiptari“ is produced by „neue schönhauser filmproduktion“ in co-production with „on film production“ albania.

„shqiptari“ tells the story of young arben from the albanian mountains. his family is working for small money mostly in neighbouring greece. however, when arben needs a big amount of money to be able to marry his beloved etleva, he’s looking for a better chance and decides to go illegally to germany. without any help and without knowing the german language arben tries to get work in berlin and struggles to find a way not to come across with the law. slatko - a russian fellow-sufferer - becomes his friend. but to earn the required 10.000 euros the small jobs with the junk trader damir they’re working for aren’t enough. arbens jobs become more unlawful and more dangerous...

„shqiptari - the albanian“ will be mixed and mastered in 5.1 dolby digital by may 2010.

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