production sound mixer

andré zacher is working as a production sound mixer on feature films and documentaries with his own sound equipment.

he has recorded on location in albania, argentina, austria, bolivia, botswana, chile, china, ethiopia, france, germany, greenland, hungary, india, israel, italy, latvia, lebanon, morocco, mozambique, namibia, norway, pakistan, palestine, poland, switzerland, slovakia, spain, south africa, tanzania, UK, USA.

andré's mother tongue is german, but he speaks english and spanish fluently. and there's little knowledge of french.

production sound equipment
  • sound cart and over the shoulder recording solutions
  • various sound devices digital multitrack recorders
  • extensive choice of schoeps boom and plant microphones
  • stereo and surround mic setups
  • lectrosonics and zaxcom wireless systems
  • DPA and voice technologies lav mics